Sunday, 18 May 2014

Cross My Heart Sunglasses

I have seen these sunglasses around a lot quite recently and so thought I would hop on with the trend, and I love them! I have no idea if they suit me and so in the comments you, the reader, can tell me your thoughts! 

That good old saying of "Cross My Heart Hope To Die Stick A Needle In My Eye" could be used for anything with your friends when you were younger, and I certainly remember in my primary school it was used ever such a lot and so these sunglasses can almost take me back to those days.

I had been eyeing up a pair of sunglasses that were this exact shape but in tortoiseshell but for some reason I never bought them. Therefore, when I saw these sunglasses with the fun saying on I snatched them up straight away. 

With sunglasses I love to go for something I don't see around in loads of shops as they're the one thing you can REALLY go crazy with! And in life we all need a fun so why not wear some glasses that might brighten someone's day, that could sound a bit extreme but hey we should all appreciate the little things in life!

I also have one fact about this product that will probably make your day if you want to buy them, only £7.69 from ebay! The seller also has different colour writing or designs in this shape frame if you would like something else.

Of course getting new sunglasses meant I needed to take some pictures and so without further adieu here are some vain yet helpful pictures, and the link to the sunglasses in case you would like them.

Love El 


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Random Photo Tag

Today I came across someone's blogpost that was called the Random Photo Tag and thought it looked great fun! After going through all the photos on my laptop I came to the top and had a chuckle to myself when I found the picture I am to use. I had forgotten this picture existed but before I show it to you all I want to explain the Random Photo Tag.

With the Random Photo Tag you go right to the beginning of your photo album and count to the fourth oldest. 

Now with the instructions done here is my picture:

I'm going to set a scene for you here just before I explain the photo above. It was March 2012, I was 16 and starting my final art GCSE project. For this project I needed to take pictures of people doing poses so I could overlay them onto a background using photoshop. With that being said onto describing this picture. 

So that's me on the left (and I'm glad I've now discovered mascara and eyelash curlers) and on the right is my best friend Jess. We had gone out for the afternoon and I was using her for the model and somehow we ended up like this. I can say that in between us both our hair was very stuck together with the help of hair grips, the joys of having long hair it ends up doing what it wants! It was a couple of interesting minutes later that we became unstuck!

So there you have it my take on the Random Photo Tag, DONE.

Thank you for reading

Love El 

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